Wholesale Inquiries

Thank you for your interest in opening a wholesale account with XFX Makeup where Every Color Is Possible. We offer a wide range of products including AirWorX our hybrid alcohol makeup, AquaWorX our water activated makeup, FinalWorX our waterproof makeup sealer, blood, FDA approved body marbling systems, alcohol activated palettes and MORE!

One thing that separates XFX Makeup from the others is customization. We are a small business as well as know buying standard stock isn’t always possible. Different areas of the world will have different needs. We offer different colors, palettes and even retail kits. Another big difference is we allow private labeling. There are additional requirements for this, but we offer it on all of our products. We currently service over 15 accounts that private label our products and sell their own brands. If there’s a color you want or need and we don’t have it, TELL US! We will try to make it. Have a color that’s performing bad, TELL US! Unlike other companies we are open to feedback. If a color sucks, TELL US. We will get it fixed.

We currently offer the following retail style kits and can customize to your needs. You get to choose the colors in the kit from our existing lineup.

Retail Kits